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I would love the opportunity to help YOU lose weight and feel great, gain energy, and lead a healthy and more active lifestyle.

Whether you prefer to participate in an online weight loss challenge or want a group weight loss program at your school or office, etc. with cash prizes as an incentive or an individualized approach, if YOU are willing to make the commitment to improving your health and well-being, I CAN help you.

Maintaining a desirable weight, avoiding heart and digestive issues, managing stress, aging gracefully, and caring for our skin are additional daily concerns for which Herbalife offers nutritional supplements, high quality products, and preventive solutions.

Email me at or call/text at 617-688-0309 to set up an appointment for a FREE wellness evaluation. Trust me on this – I GET weight loss and YOU will, too. What do you have to lose?

Lose Weight NOW! Ask Me How!

I provide what I myself want in a weight loss program – personalized attention, weekly accountability, a compassionate ear, encouragement, practical and nutritional advice, exercise tips, “tricks of the trade”, and products that work. I am associated with Herbalife International, a global nutrition company. My goal is to live a happy and healthy life and help my clients to do the same. Life IS better healthier – it’s as simple as that.

Lifelong interest in nutrition and weight loss

Passion for helping others and sharing what I've learned

Experience in organizing weight loss challenges, lecturing for diet programs, and individual weight loss coaching with FREE weekly check-ins for accountability

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